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Join us in the fight against cancer and other serious diseases. Whether in research and development, production or in the commercial, technical and IT areas: we offer a wide range of entry opportunities for school leavers and students. Whether you are looking for an apprenticeship, a university internship, a working student position or a partner for your thesis or PhD: BioNTech offers you the opportunity to become one of our pioneers.

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Current apprenticeships at BioNTech

What are your talents and passions? Do you like scientific experiments and want to be part of our research?

Then perhaps a career as a biology or chemistry lab technician would be something for you. Are bits and bytes more your thing? Then join our IT department. Or would you prefer to work in the commercial sector in the future? Then the industrial clerk apprenticeship could be exciting for you.

BioNTech currently offers 36-month apprenticeships in 4 different specialites. What we offer you as part of your training: 

  • During your apprenticeship, you will always be supported by trainers, mentors and apprentices in the higher apprenticeship years, both in person and virtually via MS Teams
  • There is a joint virtual trainee lunch for all trainees every month
  • Every quarter, we meet in person at a hotel for an afternoon with all trainees
  • The training manager and training coordinator are also always happy to assist you
  • Depending on the profession, you will receive intensive training at external academies in addition to vocational school
  • We work with digital learning platforms for all apprenticeships to support you in your learning
  • You will receive separate material and an online course to prepare for exams
  • We also enable you to exchange ideas with another BioNTech location in Germany

You will find BioNTech's intention to take you on if you successfully complete your training in your training contract.

Further details on the individual specializations and training courses can be found below:

During your apprenticeship you will learn the following:

  • Plan and organize work processes
  • Work on business management topics in all functions of the company (financing, investments, profitability, cost planning, analysis and tracking, etc.)
  • Processing accounting transactions
  • Evaluate key figures and statistics to monitor success and control operational processes
  • Applying methods and tools for recruiting and selecting personnel
  • Planning personnel deployment and processing personnel administration tasks
  • Use of foreign language documents
  • Corresponding and communicating in typical situations in a foreign language
  • Working in a team and in projects within the framework of business processes using current information, communication and media technologies

During your training you will learn the following:

  • Designing and implementing IT systems
  • Installing and configuring networks
  • Administering IT systems
  • Operating IT systems
  • Commissioning storage solutions
  • Programming software solutions
  • Planning, preparing and carrying out work tasks in coordination with customer-specific business and service processes
  • Informing and advising customers
  • Assessing marketable IT systems and customer-specific solutions
  • Developing, creating and maintaining IT solutions
  • Carrying out and documenting quality assurance measures
  • Implementing, integrating and testing IT security and data protection measures
  • Providing services and completing orders

During your training you will learn the following:

  • Analyze inorganic and organic substances with regard to their qualitative and quantitative compositions
  • Planning experimental procedures and setting up equipment
  • Producing inorganic and organic preparations according to specifications
  • Separating mixtures of substances
  • Purifying, identifying and characterizing substances
  • Optimizing manufacturing instructions and procedures for preparations together with natural scientists
  • Developing and optimizing analytical methods together with natural scientists
  • Carrying out physical tests to determine material constants and chemical parameters
  • Recording and documenting experimental procedures; working with German and English-language regulations
  • Using computers to control equipment, to record, process and forward data as well as for documentation, information gathering and for logistical and organizational purposes
  • Evaluating measurement and test data and assessing the results
  • Observing regulations on occupational, environmental and health protection when handling working materials and equipment
  • Disposing of waste materials in an environmentally friendly manner - Applying quality management measures

During your training you will learn the following:

  • Plan and carry out experiments together with scientists, taking into account the regulations on occupational health and safety, environmental protection and animal welfare
  • Apply quality management measures
  • Carry out tests on animals, plants, microorganisms and cell cultures
  • Carrying out sophisticated preparations
  • Developing test models for active substance tests together with natural scientists
  • Testing specific active substances on organisms
  • Carrying out molecular biological and biochemical studies as well as genetic engineering experiments
  • Applying biotechnological methods
  • Observing and recording experimental procedures
  • Using complex electronic measuring devices during experiments
  • Recording and processing test data with the help of IT systems
  • Analyzing, documenting and evaluating measurement and test data, in particular using electronic data processing technology

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