Join our BioNTainer Manufacturing Team

Become part of the BioNTech team and support building regional mRNA manufacturing facilities in Africa & Australia

We are a global immunotherapy powerhouse committed to improving the health of people worldwide. Our colleagues globally are working towards this goal combining fundamental research and leading industry expertise to utilize the full potential of the immune system to fight cancer, infectious diseases, and other serious diseases.

Our discoveries in the field of mRNA technology have enabled us to develop a COVID-19 vaccine which became the first mRNA drug approved for human use and we are driven to leverage the power of mRNA to support sustainable vaccine access, establishing regional manufacturing facilities in Africa & Australia.

Help us build a regional manufacturing network in Africa & Australia: With the region and for the region.

Turnkey mRNA-based vaccine production as modular and scalable solution

We want to improve healthcare by making our innovations accessible worldwide. Therefore, we developed the first modular mRNA-manufacturing facilities based on a container solution called “BioNTainers”.

Enabling regional mRNA vaccine manufacturing and supply

The BioNTainers will be equipped to produce a range of mRNA-based vaccines, including the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine and, if approved, BioNTech’s Malaria and Tuberculosis vaccines, targeted towards the needs of the specific region.

You will become part of the local team, driving the establishment of the regional end-to-end mRNA manufacturing solutions.

Please note that all open positions are published on our job boards.

Our BioNTainers

Building sustainable, end-to-end manufacturing solutions
to improve global vaccine supply.